Soil Remediation

Cost effective and sustainable solutions for asbestos contaminated soil

Asbestos soil remediation

Finding out that your land has asbestos contamination presents a unique problem. Any work carried out on your site is likely to disturb the soil, exposing nearby workers and residents to harmful asbestos.

Soil remediation is a safe and viable process for removing soil contaminants including friable asbestos. AAH Contracting takes a unique approach to all soil remediation projects. We offer a range of solutions to effectively remove the risk of exposure to asbestos on your site.

• Our soil remediation service is:

• Performed with EPA licensed trucks

• Suitable for all types of contaminated soil

• An effective method of removing asbestos

• Carried out on commercial and residential land

Our solution

We pride ourselves on providing cost effective and sustainable solutions for all types of contaminated soils. Our asbestos soil remediation services include encapsulation, site scrapes, manual picking and sifting of asbestos contaminated soil using the latest screening technology.

As an approved asbestos contractor, we can provide Class A machine operators and supervisors to carry out your soil remediation project. Working with leading industry hygienists, we’ve carried out a large number of successful soil remediation projects over the last decade.

Our soil remediation service is available in Victoria, Tasmania, and the borders of South Australia and New South Wales. If you’re not sure if you have asbestos on your land, call AAH Contracting on (03) 9070 9942. Our soil remediation experts will assess your land and devise a professional soil remediation plan to keep your site safe from asbestos exposure.

Encapsulation and capping

This method prevents contaminants like asbestos from spreading any further. It’s a form of containment we carry out by mixing the contaminated soil with materials like lime, cement and concrete which prevents it from coming into contact with any clean soil.

Site scrapes

Our soil remediation experts use specialist excavation equipment to effectively scrape layers of contaminated soil off your land. This scraped soil is lifted and moved to a separate location on site for sifting and picking.

Asbestos sifting

We use the latest screening technology to sift through large quantities of asbestos contaminated soil. This process of soil remediation effectively filters and removes traces of asbestos from your land’s soil.

Manual picking

This soil remediation process involves handpicking visible traces of asbestos from your land’s soil. This can be done by removal experts scouring the ground on site or from a picking line where a speed belt and screener are used.

Soil reclassification

This is the last stage of soil remediation where your soil is assessed for quality. After a detailed cluster analysis, we confirm the soil on your land is safe enough thanks to the successful removal of contaminants like asbestos.

Emergency Works

AAH Contracting has the experience and workforce to undertake a broad range of asbestos related emergencies.

AAH Contracting also work with independent hygienists where necessary to identify asbestos contamination along with devising site specific Control Plans to prevent further contamination and ensure the most stringent safety measures are upheld.

From general contamination including soil, spills, burst pipes to natural disasters such as storm damage and bush fires affected properties.

Over the years we’ve built strong client relationships due to proven results within industrial, commercial and government sectors.

We attribute this to our highly experienced teams and ability to fully mobilise large scale clean up operations within an hour of receiving a call.

If you have an asbestos related emergency contact us now to find out how we can promptly assist you.

Commercial / Industrial

At AAH Contracting, our team have the expertise and experience required in safely removing and disposing of all types of friable and bonded asbestos materials. Regardless of type, location, size of project or friability of the asbestos containing material and with many of our employees having in excess of 25 years of experience in the field, our team really can say “been there, done that”.

Over the years our professional team at AAH Contracting have proven themselves, with ease, to combat even the most challenging and technical aspects of any removal task. From removing friable asbestos on live boilers or pipe insulation on fully operational plant, we believe with the right attitude, careful planning and a key focus on safety a we can achieve your removal task without hiccup to any party or trade involved.

We are your trusted asbestor removers in Melbourne and across Tasmania.

Other Hazardous Materials

There are many other hazardous materials which should be removed by a professional including lead paint, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and synthetic mineral fibres (SMFs).

Synthetic Mineral Fibres 
SMF is a general term used to describe a number of man-made fibrous materials ranging from glass, rock, alumina and silica. SMF’s have been widely used as alternatives to asbestos in insulation and fire-rating products and as reinforcement in cement, plaster and plastic materials.

The latest data shows whilst most SMF’s have been deemed to not be carcinogenic to humans, short-term exposures can produce skin, eye and upper respiratory tract irritation. Some RCF’s (refractive ceramic fibres) are known to “possibly be carcinogenic to humans”.

Polychlorinated Biphenyls 
The main use of PCBs in building materials is as a plasticiser. They are found predominantly in paints, specialty coatings, caulking, sealants, and other materials as well. They were used in equipment such as fluorescent light fitting capacitors, electric motors, ceiling fans and dishwashers that generally predate 1980.

PCB’s have significant ecological as well health effects including carcinogenicity (probable human cancer- causing or cancer- promoting agent), neurotoxicity, reproductive and developmental toxicity, immune systems suppression, liver damage and skin irritation. Lead Paint Lead is a heavy metal that was once used to create pigment in paint. Lead-based paint is found in most buildings and homes built or decorated in Australia before 1970 Lead can harm virtually every organ in the human body, especially the brain, kidney and reproductive system. Lead can enter the body through several routes, for example the respiratory tract, the gastrointestinal tract and through skin absorption. Lead gets into the body when you breathe in lead dust or fumes in air. Lead cannot be excreted. It stores in the body for up to 20-30 years in bone, from where it can be mobilized back into the blood, causing a number of serious health problems. Lead also distorts the production of red blood cells in the body.

Lead Paint
Lead is a heavy metal that was once used to create pigment in paint. Lead-based paint is found in most buildings and homes built or decorated in Australia before 1970 Lead can harm virtually every organ in the human body, especially the brain, kidney and reproductive system. Lead can enter the body through several routes, for example the respiratory tract, the gastrointestinal tract and through skin absorption. Lead gets into the body when you breathe in lead dust or fumes in air. Lead cannot be excreted. It stores in the body for up to 20-30 years in bone, from where it can be mobilized back into the blood, causing a number of serious health problems. Lead also distorts the production of red blood cells in the body.

If you have positively identified any of these hazardous materials in your home or workplace contact AAH Contracting today to find out how we can assist you.

Waste Removal and Transport

AAH Contracting are EPA licensed to transport and dispose of asbestos and contaminated soils of all sizes and quantities.

For bulky/large items we have own EPA crane trucks capable of lifting up to 3 tonne. For house holders we also offer a pick up and drop off service at a fraction of the price it costs to drop off to licensed landfills (this is due to landfills charging minimum quantities and travelling required to get there).

Talk to one of our experts for a free quote or consultation.

Site Decontamination

When asbestos or other contamination occurs on sites the results can be disastrous and complex depending on the specific contaminant. AAH Contracting have been decontaminating sites since their establishment in 1993 giving us a wealth of knowledge in emergency’s, site redevelopments and the like.

Our core decontamination services include but are not limited to; asbestos settled dust removal, dumped asbestos cleanups, asbestos roof removal & make safe, asbestos soil remediation and fire damaged make safes.

Floor Grinding

Safe and effective solutions for asbestos floor removal

Floor grinding for asbestos removal

If your property was built before the 1980s, its floors may have traces of asbestos adhesive in them. AAH Contracting is a Class A licensed asbestos removalist contractor. Our asbestos floor grinding experts use specialised floor grinding equipment for safe and effective floor asbestos removal.

If you’re concerned there may be asbestos present in your building, call AAH Contracting. Our licensed removalists can carry out a thorough assessment of your building to determine whether your floors need a floor grinding and asbestos removal service.

Our floor grinding service includes:

• Proper work area encapsulation

• Installation of negative air units

• Airborne asbestos fibre monitoring

• Class A asbestos removalist contractors

Our solution

AAH contracting provides a safe and effective floor grinding service for removing hazardous traces of asbestos. We specialise in the removal of asbestos containing adhesives that were commonly used in building constructions prior to the 1980s.

Our specialised floor grinding equipment effectively breaks down asbestos floor adhesives. While breaking down the asbestos into a friable state, we utilise encapsulation equipment to ensure no airborne asbestos fibres escape from the removal area.

When our Class A licensed asbestos removalists complete their work, your building will be safe for workers to resume construction on your building. Our floor grinding and asbestos removal service is available across Australia. Contact our floor grinding experts to book a free consultation.

What asbestos does floor grinding remove?

Blackjack glue

This type of glue is an adhesive that’s usually found beneath floor coverings including vinyl blackjack tiles. Asbestos was mixed with this adhesive to make a more durable solution. This adhesive is black in colour and usually crumbles when you try to remove it.

Emulsion adhesive

This emulsion adhesive is a synthetic form of adhesive used prior to the 1980s. It was commonly used to install synthetic laminates. You’ll find this adhesive in a lot of buildings where laminate flooring such as floor tiles are bonded to wood timber.

Fibrous adhesive

This liquid form of adhesive (also known as Millboard) was typically applied with a brush or sprayer. Over time, It was not uncommon for this adhesive to become extremely brittle and break down. When this fragile adhesive breaks down, it can generate asbestos contaminated dust.

Roof Encapsulation

AAH Contracting now have their own approved asbestos encapsulate system, we offer a complete service from removal of existing settled dust to encapsulation application and everything in between.

Fairhaven Life Saving Club


We were commissioned on behalf of PDS Group & Fairhaven Life Saving Club to undertake the asbestos soil remediation after asbestos cement sheet was found in areas within the site and in a public area (sand dunes). Clients obtained quotations of up to $3 million from several different companies. AAH Contracting were able to complete this task way under the projected budgets costs mentioned, to the satisfaction of the client.

Carngham fires

Clean up of asbestos debris from bush fire affected dwellings.


Removal of asbestos debris and contaminated waste from site. Remediation of soils. Clearances were able to be obtained to allow for building works to proceed safely and on schedule.

RMIT Melbourne Campus

Bowen Lane Chimney, cleaning works


To deliver a solution of accessing and cleaning the chimney of potential contaminants to allow for associated upgrade works of other trades. Due to the nature and complexity of issues surrounding safety in relation to the chimney cleaning works involved, we commissioned “All Systems Scaffold Pty Ltd” to construct safe access to the top of the chimney. Whilst “Veritech Australia Pty Ltd” organised and erected a bosons chair to allow safe access for our men with adequate confined space training to proceed with cleaning works from top to bottom.

The operation was a success with all works completed without hiccup and on schedule.

Monash University

Building 13D Clayton

Friable Pipe Lagging Asbestos Removal

We were commissioned on behalf of Monash University to undertake the strip out and removal of highly friable asbestos pipe lagging. As a result, extensive set up processes were required to ensure the operation was conducted in the safest possible manner and in accordance with current legislation. Standard procedure for these works included; setting up extensive encapsulation (erected within the building, installation of negative air units and decontamination units on the floor, including all parts of the encapsulation. Undertaking rigorous smoke testing to ensure the absence of leaks prior to works commencing. Once smoke testing was performed, our experienced team were able to operate under air supplied full-face mask conditions for the entire removal process. We were able to professionally and promptly reinstate, in accordance with schedule of works and ensuring minimal downtime of associated services, the lagging following the asbestos removal, all whilst working within a strict time frame and in conjunction with specification.


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Did you know if your home was built or renovated between 1945 and 1987, it is almost certain to contain asbestos?

We receive numerous calls from concerned homeowners nationwide everyday, enquiring about how we can assist them from the identifying process of asbestos materials, right through to the removal and disposal stage.

If you suspect you have asbestos in your home, we advise you to contact our team at AAH Contracting today. We will promptly respond to your enquiry and have one of our experienced personnel give you a no obligation, free, competitive quote to safely remove and dispose of your asbestos.

We are a fully insured, Worksafe Victoria “Class A” accredited asbestos removal license holder. We utilise our own EPA licensed vehicles to transport and dispose of asbestos waste material.

Don’t risk you or your families health by using risky removal practitioners. We have over 25 years experience in the profession and pride ourselves on working strictly to all relevant legislation within our industry so you can have piece of mind in knowing the job has been done right, on time, the first time.