Working with asbestos removal specialists in an emergency

AAH Contracting has the experience and workforce to undertake a broad range of asbestos related emergencies.

To ensure best practice safety procedures are followed we work with independent hygienists where necessary. This ensures that our site specific Control Plans are detailed and provide the most efficient, cost effective and safest ways of removing asbestos from the affected areas and prevent further contamination.

As a Class A asbestos removalist, we are able to take on projects that require the disposal of both friable and non-friable asbestos. This means that we can provide emergency response to any crisis across Australia.

Our emergency asbestos removal service

Proven results across industrial, commercial and government projects has enabled us to build strong client relationships through our commitment to providing best in class service. We attribute this to our highly experienced teams and ability to fully mobilise large scale clean up operations within an hour of receiving a call. Our team can be deployed for an immediate 24/7 disaster response with a fleet of fully equipped standby vehicles and equipment.

Our solution

Our approach for each project is assessed on a case by case basis. This means we work with our clients throughout the project helping us understand the full capability of services required. We have experience working on a range of emergency asbestos removal projects across metropolitan, industrial and regional areas.

Each area requires careful planning and assessment of the affected site, and management of stakeholders to reduce the risk of greater contamination. We also keep stock of necessary materials that are required to conduct works safely, saving our clients time and money.

AAH Contracting at the start of a project will also assess the time it takes to carry out the necessary work, understand the area and depth of contamination, and evaluate the number of workers and persons likely to be involved in the project or who are at risk of being exposed.

Who is affected throughout the project?

Throughout the removal of asbestos during an emergency various stakeholders such as residents, general public, workers, and wildlife can be affected. When working with general contamination such as soil, spills and burst pipes to natural disasters including storm damage and bushfire affected properties, careful planning and specialist assessment of the works required should be advised by a professional.

Need help with emergency asbestos removal?

Our emergency asbestos removal service is available in Victoria, Tasmania, and the borders of South Australia and New South Wales. We are available 24/7 for emergency response. Call AAH Contracting on 03 9729 0066 to speak to one of our specialists today.

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We dropped past East Melbourne last night to check it out, and your guys have done a fantastic job! They left everything very clean and neat. Thank you for being so efficient and thorough – we really appreciate it

F. BentleyResidential Client

Happy new year, I look forward to working with you guys again this year. Thanks again for your work and getting everything done so timely. I was very happy with works done and how neat everything was.

M. HearnContaminated Soil Remediation

Thanks for assisting with Caulfield Conservatory, very much appreciate how easy to work with and quick you guys were.

Richard GrecoDucon Maintenance Pty Ltd

I was very impressed with the short time frame this took. Yesterday, the guys worked efficiently. If you email me the invoice I will pay it straight away. Thank you.

Trish DowningPoint Property Group

Thanks very much to you and your team for helping remove the asbestos from the house. I feel safer to have the family in the house now. Many thanks and regards.

Gerald WongResidential Client

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