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AAH Contracting is a Class A & B licensed asbestos removal contractor, and is able to provide safe, and efficient removal of asbestos in flooring across Melbourne and Australia wide. Our specialist team will conduct a thorough examination of your building, and determine whether your floors need both floor grinding and asbestos removal services.

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Our Solution

Our specialised floor grinding equipment safely breaks down asbestos floor adhesives into a friable state. We use encapsulation equipment to ensure that no airborne asbestos fibres escape from the removal area, and pose a danger to the surrounding environment. Once our team has completed their work, your building will be safe to resume construction, works being carried out on your site, or general operation again.


Our Floor Grinding Services Include

  • Proper work area encapsulation
  • Installation of negative air units
  • Airborne asbestos fibre monitoring
  • Class A asbestos removalist contractors

What Are Common Areas Asbestos Is Found In Flooring?

Blackjack glue

This type of glue is an adhesive that’s usually found beneath floor coverings including vinyl blackjack tiles. Asbestos was mixed with this adhesive to make a more durable solution. This adhesive is black in colour and usually crumbles when you try to remove it.

Emulsion Adhesive

This emulsion adhesive is a synthetic form of adhesive used prior to the 1980s. It was commonly used to install synthetic laminates. You’ll find this adhesive in a lot of buildings where laminate flooring such as floor tiles are bonded to wood timber.

Fibrous Adhesive

This liquid form of adhesive (also known as Millboard) was typically applied with a brush or sprayer. Over time, It was not uncommon for this adhesive to become extremely brittle and break down. When this fragile adhesive breaks down, it can generate asbestos contaminated dust and should be handled with extreme caution.

FAQs About Floor Grinding

How do you remove asbestos from flooring safely?

In order to remove asbestos safely, it is advised that you work with trained professionals, this ensures that the asbestos is handled, removed and disposed of correctly without posing any risk to the surrounding environment. Our team are experienced, and trained using industry best practices, and industry leading equipment to ensure the safe disposal of asbestos from flooring.

What are the dangers of asbestos in tiles and flooring?Your Title Goes Here

Mixing asbestos when manufacturing flooring tiles was a common practice up until the 1990s, and was used for its heat resistance properties and insulation. When combined with flooring materials, the asbestos fibres are bonded together in a non-friable state, which means the fibres are sealed in and do not pose any threat.

This changes however, if disturbed, especially during the removal or demolition phase when working on a building built before the 1980s, or through general wear and tear over time. Once disturbed, the asbestos in the floors turn into a friable state, which is when it becomes extremely dangerous as these fibres become airborne, and risks toxic asbestos inhalation by anyone near by.

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Our team can assist with asbestos removal anywhere across Australia and are able to assist with small and large scale asbestos flooring removal projects. For more information about our flooring removal process please fill out the form below or speak to our specialist team today on 03 9729 0066.

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