Monash University

Building 13D Clayton

Friable Pipe Lagging Asbestos Removal

We were commissioned on behalf of Monash University to undertake the strip out and removal of highly friable asbestos pipe lagging. As a result, extensive set up processes were required to ensure the operation was conducted in the safest possible manner and in accordance with current legislation. Standard procedure for these works included; setting up extensive encapsulation (erected within the building, installation of negative air units and decontamination units on the floor, including all parts of the encapsulation. Undertaking rigorous smoke testing to ensure the absence of leaks prior to works commencing. Once smoke testing was performed, our experienced team were able to operate under air supplied full-face mask conditions for the entire removal process. We were able to professionally and promptly reinstate, in accordance with schedule of works and ensuring minimal downtime of associated services, the lagging following the asbestos removal, all whilst working within a strict time frame and in conjunction with specification.