AAH Contracting has been engaged to undertake the asbestos remediation process of the former Corkman Pub site (160 Leicester Street, Carlton). AAH will be working closely alongside Melbourne City Council, WorkSafe Victoria & EPA prior to and throughout the remediation process.

Works are currently planned to be undertaken in 2 stages
Stage 1: Safe removal of a free-standing brick wall – Completed

This Saturday 13th July will involve the preliminary works performing the removal of the brick wall down to a safe working height. No asbestos removal works will occur on this day. The below is an excerpt from an independent hygienist assessment of the wall to confirm the absence of asbestos materials. 

“As discussed, we have previously undertaken representative sampling of materials from the remaining wall and verified that no asbestos-containing materials are present. As such, your proposed works to demolish the wall to a safe level, using a knuckle boom positioned outside the Site boundary, can be undertaken without the use of asbestos PPE.”


Stage 2: Removal of waste from site – Completed (Monday 22nd July, 2019)
Key points to note for the removal process of asbestos-contaminated building debris;

  • WorkSafe Victoria & EPA will be notified
  • All applicable permits have been approved by Melbourne City Council
  • These works will be carried out as per regulation for non-friable asbestos works with dust suppression measures
  • The footpath will be temporarily fenced around immediate boundary throughout the duration of works with traffic management provided as necessary
  • A water waste management plan is in place
  • All waste will be transported via 200um plastic lined, EPA approved trucks to an EPA approved landfill with tracking dockets
  • An independent hygienist will conduct air monitoring throughout the duration of the removal works – Completed
  • An independent hygienist will be conducting a clearance on site upon completion prior to demobilisation – Completed (Clearance Certificate has been issued)

AAH is now completing general site non-asbestos cleaning works. To be completed Wednesday 24th July.


Please note; AAH Contracting have now completed their remediation works and no longer have control over the site.

For further information regarding the work order on this site please contact City of Melbourne – 03 9658 9658



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