Project Overview

AAH was awarded friable asbestos removal and minor demolition works at the Alfred Hospital

Scope of Works

  • Remove friable asbestos sprayed beam insulation and associated overspray across the entire ward
  • Remove asbestos vinyl floor tiles across the entire ward as well as on the ground floor
  • Remove contaminated synthetic mineral fibre pipe insulation
  • Respray all beams with a non-hazardous alternative to meet fire rating requirements

Critical Factors/Challenges

  • Co-ordinating multiple trades across the site
  • Keeping the noise to a minimum so as not to disturb the hospital operations
  • Removing the large amount of contaminated waste from the work area and through the hospital during operational hours
  • Building a large, intricate work enclosure through the ward


  • All waste was successfully moved from the work enclosure, through the hospital and to an EPA licensed disposal site without impacting workflow within the hospital
  • The job was successfully completed under a tight time frame
  • A dedicated project manager was on site to oversee all works throughout the duration of the project
  • Works were externally audited against our AS/NZS 4801 safety certificate with 0 non-conformances found on site


The Alfred is¬†Melbourne’s oldest hospital still operating on its original site
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