The Carlton Refuge is a rare surviving example of an early social welfare institution devoted to the welfare
of women and children. It has been in operation on the same site from 1861 until its closure in 1997.

Scope Of Works

The removal of friable asbestos contaminated render to heritage listed buildings was conducted over a tight three month program, including;

  • Extensive encapsulation to all asbestos containing buildings on site
  • Removal of thousands of m2 of asbestos contaminated render under friable conditions
  • Removal of chemically contaminated asbestos soil


To ensure asbestos contaminated render was removed from the heritage brickwork in its entirety without any damage to structure or heritage bricks.

Critical Factors

The work involved the extensive encapsulation of the entire buildings. In order to obtain a negative pressure environment an entire temporary sealed roof was devised, constructed and installed to several buildings within the site, without damage to the existing façade.


Incorporating new removal technology that strips heritage bricks without damaging them. New specialist pneumatic technology was imported and utilised specifically for this project.


Project was delivered without fault and completed well under the proposed completion date, to the satisfaction of our client. We attribute the project’s success to the innovative technology applied.

AAH contracting was also able to conduct the asbestos removal without any damage to heritage surfaces whatsoever, including the discovery and restoration of sensitive handmade 18th century mud bricks, which were subsequently returned to their former glory
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