Project Overview

Between 2017 and 2019, Chandler Highway underwent an upgrade to widen the road to 6 lanes. AAH Contracting was contracted to remediated the contaminated soil throughout the areas.

Scope of Works

  • Remediate asbestos contaminated soil
  • Civil works
  • Removal of asbestos contaminated pipes

Critical Factors/Challenges

The challenges and critical factors to successfully complete the works were.

  • Removing asbestos contaminated soil at waters edge without cross contamination
  • Working in close proximity to public roads and parklands
  • Co-ordinating works around multiples trades at a time
  • Conducting asbestos removal in conjunction with civil works
  • Removing pipes from beneath a 20m tall bridge above waterways
  • Keeping stockpiles maintained and safe


  • The job was completed in sections so there was minimal disruption to construction works being completed by other contractors
  • 10,000s of tonnes of waste were removed from site and taken to EPA disposal facilities
  • 10,000s of of hours worked across 20 months to complete works
  • 50+ internal staff utilised across the project
  • 0 safety incidents
  • AAH received safety/on site awards for their achievements

AAH received safety/on site awards for their achievements

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