Project Overview

Located in Bangholme, the Eastern Treatment Plant uses innovative processes to turn sewage into Class A recycled water. AAH was contracted to conduct a clean up of the internals to one of their tanks.

Scope of Works

  • Internal clean up of tank following from a sandblasting incident that inadvertantly disturbed asbestos contaminated materials
  • Removal of asbestos gaskets from pipework
  • Removal of asbestos mastic to wall and floor joints

Critical Factors/Challenges

The challenges and critical factors to successfully complete the works were.

  • Tank access. Materials and waste had to be craned in and out of the tank
  • Arrestance efficiency of filter cloth. We had to ensure that a minimum efficiency of 97% at 5 microns was reached during the filtration process
  • Removal of splattered patches of asbestos mastic outside of the wall and floor joints
  • Works to be carried out in restricted space (confined)
  • Removal of contaminated water through a filtration system
  • 2 way radio system in place


  • All works completed successfully
  • Clearance certificates issued by independent hygienist
  • 0 safety incidents
  • 726 man hours worked to complete works

726 man hours worked to completed works with 0 safety incidents

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