Project Overview

From November 2018 – April 2019, AAH was engaged to undertake the asbestos removal works at the decommissioned Ford Casting Plant in Geelong.

Scope of Works

AAH was tasked with the following:

  • The removal of 4000m2 of super six roofing
  • Removal of all internal asbestos to 6x redundant buildings
  • In stage 2 of the demolition works to remove all of the remaining asbestos throughout the site

Critical Factors/Challenges

The challenges and critical factors too successfully complete the works were.

  • With removalists spread throughout the plant site it was important that AAH’s dedicated manager had to stay in constant with all
  • Detailed planning and methodologies were thought out and applied to each task and workshopped prior to commencement.


  • All removal works were completed to the highest safety standard with a unique yet methodical approach taken to remove a structurally unsound roof
  • We had a Project Manager dedicated full time to this 4 month project
All removal works were completed to the highest safety standard.
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