Scope Of Works

AAH was awarded the contract to remove friable asbestos insulation from roof spaces to accommodate the installation of a new roof, and to perform minor demolition of contaminated ceiling structures. AAH Contracting was awarded these works due to the next competitor estimating the project would take 8 months. We were able to complete it in less than a quarter of that time.


Heritage building, critical program of works.

Critical Factors

Heritage building items to be protected including original pressed tin ceiling sheets which needed to be removed by hand, decontaminated of all residual asbestos and kept for re-installation at a later date.


We removed hundreds of metres worth of friable pipe insulation and hundreds of square metres worth of asbestos contaminated dust / materials from ceilings.


The construction company (Renascent) taking over the project upon our departure also commended AAH Contracting on the clean up works, stating it was the cleanest they had ever encountered.

The works were Completed on Schedule in Accordance with the Proposed timeframes Issued at the Commencement Of the works, much To the satisfaction of The client and other Trades involved with The project.
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