Project Overview

Working in a tight 20 days timeframe, AAH Contracting was commissioned to perform the following:

  • Demolition of internal building
  • Protection of all fire services
  • Removal of approx. 500m2 of roofing insulation
  • Internal encapsulation to entire building approx. 8,000m2 of sealed flooring and baffle walls supplied and installed
  • Rust treatment works via sand blasting and protective coating to 150 l/m of steel beams
  • Removal of approx. 4500m2 of asbestos contaminated dust to all services, roof members and associated structure via HEPA vacuum and wet wiping
  • Application of asbestos encapsulation primer to 5000m2 to underside of asbestos roofing
  • Application of asbestos encapsulating paint to 5000m2 of underside of asbestos roofing and all associated roof structure, including services and cable trays

Despite the extent of work which would usually take months to complete, the project was a huge success and we were able to deliver under the proposed deadline without any defect.

Part 1: The Prime

Fibroseal® Primer is a waterborne penetrating treatment to weathered asbestos cement sheeting that soaks through the lichen and degraded asbestos down to sound base material, binding these unstable elements. When used together with Crommelin Fibroseal® Topcoat, the product forms part of the Crommelin Fibroseal® System, a proven encapsulation system used throughout Australia since 1990.

Part 2: The Coat

Fibroseal® Topcoat is a waterborne high-build elastomeric roofing membrane. Fibroseal® Topcoat is applied to a weathered asbestos cement surface that has been pre-treated with Crommelin Fibroseal Primer to provide a durable, decorative, lightfast protective coating. Active ingredients in Fibroseal® Topcoat also resist the growth of moss and lichen. When used together with Crommelin Fibroseal® Primer, the product forms part of the Crommelin Fibroseal® System, an accredited & proven encapsulation system.

The project was a huge success delivered under the proposed deadline and without any defect, the final result speaking for itself.
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