Project Overview

AAH was contracted to eradicate high risk asbestos items from 126 Telstra Exchanges across Metropolitan Melbourne and Rural Victoria & New South Wales.

Scope of Works

  • Remove and replace hundreds of contaminated Telstra pits off all sizes
  • Remediate and remove asbestos contaminated soil
  • Building works; asbestos removal and reinstatement works
  • Removal of redundant asbestos services
  • Removal of friable boilers
  • Encapsulation works


The biggest hurdle to overcome was working around live network services where any error could result in disastrous outages for surrounding communities.


  • AAH Contracting were able to deploy multiple specialist crews to ensure works were completed on schedule, utilising 4WD vehicles for hard access areas
  • Utilising our Non-Destructive Digging Equipment ensured out of 100,000’s of cables that were worked around, especially in pit replacement, not a single cable was compromised resulting in zero network outages.
  • AAH was able to warehouse 100’s of pits at a time to ensure all crews were kept running seamlessly
  • 126 sites were completed within a tight time frame of 4 months
  • AAH also utilised a cloud technology system to receive real time updates from the crews on site. These updates allowed us to keep the client updated with progress reports and photos on a weekly basis

The project was a huge success, delivered on schedule without any disruption of services whilst working around live networks.

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