AAH Contracting are EPA licensed to transport and dispose of asbestos and contaminated soils of all sizes and quantities.

Should you work with an asbestos disposal company in Melbourne?

Removing and disposing of asbestos from any household or worksite should be completed by trained and experienced professionals. This ensures that your asbestos is disposed of following industry safety best practices and is compliant with EPA regulations. AAH Contracting has experience removing small and large quantities of asbestos from a range of sites across Melbourne, Victoria and Australia wide. We are committed to keeping your home or worksite safe from hazardous asbestos fibres, and ensuring compliance with state laws and regulations.

Our asbestos removal and transport solution

Our asbestos removal service is EPA licensed to transport and dispose of asbestos and contaminated soils of all sizes and quantities. For bulkier and larger items, our EPA crane trucks are capable of lifting up to 3 tonnes of asbestos waste. This allows us to take on asbestos transport projects of all kinds with our fleet of EPA approved trucks, trailers and utes. We also offer same day or next day pick up for asbestos waste depending on the size and scale of the removal required.

Our team has safely removed and transported asbestos waste for a range of large scale commercial, residential, government and industrial worksites. For households we also offer a pick up and drop off service at competitive rates, helping you save on additional costs to transport your asbestos waste to licensed landfill.

How do I correctly wrap asbestos for disposal and collection?

In most cases our team will manage the entire disposal and handling process for your asbestos waste. However, if the asbestos waste needs to be moved in order for work to commence or you are under time constraints we suggest that you use the following steps to safely minimise the risks of exposure to asbestos prior to collection.

Asbestos cement sheetings

For asbestos cement sheetings it is important that all pieces are maintained in a wet condition until packaged and sealed for transportation. This ensures that no asbestos fibres become easily airborne. It’s also important to stop cutting or breaking the sheets that need to be packed.

When packaging the materials, we suggest using two layers of polythene sheeting (0.2mm thick) – this will keep your asbestos sheeting contained. Finally seal with adhesive tape, label with an asbestos warning and store in a safe place that is out of common traffic areas, and unaffected by the environment.

How to handle friable asbestos?

Handling friable asbestos requires slightly different packaging compared to standard asbestos sheets. To start you will need to contain the asbestos waste in a polythene-lined drum or bin. It’s important to make sure that the asbestos is in a wet condition. Make sure the drum is secured and labelled with an asbestos warning label. Once this has been completed, store the drum in a safe place out of the way of high traffic and environmental elements.

Can I dispose of asbestos waste without a licensed contractor?

In Victoria it is legal for individuals to dispose of asbestos waste at registered disposal sites in limited quantities. Under the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017, an employer or self-employed person can conduct a restricted amount of asbestos removal without the need of a licence. However, there are a number of restrictions around this including:

  • The area containing asbestos material does not exceed 10 square metres
  • The complete time of asbestos removal work completed over a seven day period does not exceed one hour
  • Removal of asbestos contaminated dust is allowed as long as the work does not exceed 10 minutes, and the total time of asbestos removal work completed for seven days does not exceed one hour.

For more information on how much asbestos removal is allowed without a licence please refer to Asbestos Victoria.

How do I choose the right asbestos disposal removalists?

When looking for qualified asbestos removalists, it is important to enquire and check what their licences and accreditation are, and what types of asbestos they are allowed to work with.
AAH Contracting is Class A certified, this means that we are able to take on projects that require the removal of both friable and non-friable asbestos.

Looking for a specialist asbestos removalist?

Our team can assist with asbestos removal anywhere across Australia and are able to assist with small and large scale asbestos disposal projects. For more information about our disposal process please contact our specialist team today on 03 9729 0066.

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    All is in order, thanks for a good job with the removal. I expect we will keep you guys in mind for any future work as we really appreciated your practical approach to the work and the professional preparation beforehand

    R. HansenFriable Asbestos Pipe Lagging Removal, Melbourne CBD

    AAH Contracting Pty Ltd has undertaken many Department of Human Services And Education Contracts over nine consecutive years. AAH offer efficient and meticulous services. All their professional staff have undertaken all tasks with pride, even under very restricted time frames. AAH have always completed Contracts before or on time.

    Richard GilbertSenior Project Manager, Arrow International Pty Ltd

    We dropped past East Melbourne last night to check it out, and your guys have done a fantastic job! They left everything very clean and neat. Thank you for being so efficient and thorough – we really appreciate it

    F. BentleyResidential Client

    Thanks very much to you and your team for helping remove the asbestos from the house. I feel safer to have the family in the house now. Many thanks and regards.

    Gerald WongResidential Client

    Happy new year, I look forward to working with you guys again this year. Thanks again for your work and getting everything done so timely. I was very happy with works done and how neat everything was.

    M. HearnContaminated Soil Remediation

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