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Site decontamination ensures that all objects, clothing, equipment and the surrounding environment is thoroughly cleaned and clear of any asbestos or hazardous contamination. Often these works are conducted during emergencies such as fire damage, unexpected finds during site refurbishment, demolition or illegal dumping.

AAH Contracting have been decontaminating sites since our establishment in 1993, providing a wealth of knowledge in emergencies, site redevelopments and other complex commercial and industrial projects.

Therefore it is important to seek the advice of a professional when working on such projects, as they are often complex and have multiple safety procedures that must be followed. This is to ensure the area is safe for both the environment and humans.

Our Solution

AAH typically work closely with industrial hygienists to determine the best course of action to carry out the remediation in the most cost and time effective solutions without compromise to safety. 

Our Services

AAH Contracting have experience working on site decontamination projects, if the works are conducted in both a commercial and residential setting.

We handle make safes for fire affected properties, including encapsulation and partial clean up. We also own earth moving equipment and trucks for soil contamination or illegal asbestos dumping and have access to a supply of mobile decontamination facilities and negative air units for friable finds.

We’ve developed a close working relationship with many licensed trades over the years to ensure rapid reinstatement post asbestos removal. We also supply EPA bins from 10m3 – 34m3.

Class A Asbestos Removals

As a certified Class A asbestos removalist, our experienced team have worked on a range of site decontamination projects. Our core decontaminations cover a range of services including:

  • asbestos settled dust removal
  • dumped asbestos cleanups
  • asbestos roof removal & make safe
  • asbestos soil remediation
  • fire damaged make safes
  • asbestos removal and general reinstatement

Previously we have worked on a variety of projects including the Melbourne Water and Telstra Utility sites,  road way developments such as Chandler Highway Development, Visy Coburg Facility and many Victorian hospitals including the Alfred Hospital.

Safe Disposal of Asbestos

All asbestos contaminated waste is double wrapped in 200um plastic and transported via our EPA licensed vehicles to appropriate waste transfer stations for disposal.

FAQs About Site Decontamination

What does a class A asbestos removal licence mean?

Class A licence holders are permitted to conduct both Class A and Class B asbestos removal. This includes the removal of non-friable asbestos, asbestos contaminated in dust from non-friable asbestos and friable asbestos.

Our licence is issued by WorkSafe Victoria and we operate under safety accreditation AS/NZS 4801:2001.

Why is site decontamination important?

Often there is a misconception that site decontamination works can be conducted without the advice of a professional in both a commercial and residential setting. This poses greater risks to the environment and people working or living in the area, as they may be susceptible to hazardous exposure if not handled correctly. Having a professional assess and remove the affected areas ensures safe disposal procedures are followed from the start to the completion of a project.

How long does asbestos last in the air?

Untreated, friable asbestos fibres can remain airborne for between 48 and 72 hours in a still room. This means that it can be broken down into smaller pieces such as dust particles. In outside conditions, asbestos can remain airborne for extended periods of time which pose a significant health risk. Asbestos fibres can not be identified visually and require thorough testing in a lab.

Does washing clothes remove asbestos fibres?

Attempting to wash out clothes without a specialist can result in second hand exposure to asbestos fibres. Residential washing machines are not equipped to handle the demands required to prevent asbestos fibres from becoming airborne. Clothes that have been exposed to asbestos should either be taken to a specialists cleaner or disposed of following correct safety procedures.

Need help with site decontamination? 

To speak to one of our asbestos removal experts call AAH Contracting on 03 9729 0066. Our site decontamination specialists will assess your project and develop a professional site decontamination plan to keep your site safe from asbestos exposure.

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    AAH Contracting asbestos removal have been known to our organisation for many years. Icon have used AAH on various projects in the past and present throughout Victoria. All works undertaken by AAH have exceeded our expectations, as all projects have been completed on or before schedule without any compromise to safety. All AAH staff are considered by us as complete professionals in their industry.

    We would recommend this company to any of our valued clients and look forward to working with them on future projects.

    Ashley MurdochDirector, Icon Construction Pty Ltd

    AAH Contracting Pty Ltd has undertaken many Department of Human Services And Education Contracts over nine consecutive years. AAH offer efficient and meticulous services. All their professional staff have undertaken all tasks with pride, even under very restricted time frames. AAH have always completed Contracts before or on time.

    Richard GilbertSenior Project Manager, Arrow International Pty Ltd

    Thanks very much to you and your team for helping remove the asbestos from the house. I feel safer to have the family in the house now. Many thanks and regards.

    Gerald WongResidential Client

    I was very impressed with the short time frame this took. Yesterday, the guys worked efficiently. If you email me the invoice I will pay it straight away. Thank you.

    Trish DowningPoint Property Group

    We dropped past East Melbourne last night to check it out, and your guys have done a fantastic job! They left everything very clean and neat. Thank you for being so efficient and thorough – we really appreciate it

    F. BentleyResidential Client

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