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Soil remediation is a safe and viable process for removing soil contaminants including friable asbestos. AAH Contracting takes a unique approach to all soil remediation projects. We offer a range of solutions to effectively remove the risk of exposure to asbestos on your site, assessed on a case by case basis.

Finding out that your land has asbestos contamination presents a unique problem. Any work carried out on your site is likely to disturb the soil, exposing nearby workers and residents to harmful asbestos.

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Our Solution

We pride ourselves on providing cost effective and sustainable solutions for all types of contaminated soils. Our asbestos soil remediation services include encapsulation, site scrapes, manual picking and asbestos soil screening using the latest technology.

AAH Contracting is an approved Class A asbestos removal licence holder. This means that our team is permitted to provide Class A and B asbestos removal services. This includes the removal of both friable and non-friable asbestos.

As an approved asbestos contractor, we can provide Class A asbestos machine operators and supervisors to carry out your soil remediation project. Working with leading industry hygienists, we’ve carried out a large number of successful soil remediation projects over the last two decades.

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Our Soil Remediation Services

AAH Contracting specialises in a range of Soil Remediation services. Our work is suitable for all types of contaminated soil and is performed using either manual removal, asbestos screening via machine or bulk out methods. The removal method required will differ from site to site depending on levels of contamination.

Encapsulation And Capping

This method prevents contaminants like asbestos from spreading any further. It’s a form of containment we carry out by mixing the contaminated soil with materials like lime, cement and concrete which prevents it from coming into contact with any clean soil.

Site Scrapes

Our soil remediation experts use specialist excavation equipment to effectively scrape layers of contaminated soil off your land. This scraped soil is lifted and moved to a separate location on site for sifting and picking.

Soil Reclassification

This is the last stage of soil remediation where your soil is assessed for quality. After a detailed cluster analysis, we confirm the soil on your land is safe enough thanks to the successful removal of contaminants like asbestos.

Asbestos Sifting

We use the latest screening technology to sift through large quantities of asbestos contaminated soil. This process of soil remediation effectively filters and removes traces of asbestos from your land’s soil.

Manual Picking

This soil remediation process involves handpicking visible traces of asbestos from your land’s soil. This can be done by removal experts scouring the ground on site or from a picking line where a speed belt and screener are used.

Recent Projects

Recently, our team of specialists have worked on a range of projects including the Hoddle Street Upgrade, Chandler Highway Upgrade, the Ballarat Sports Centre, various Parks Victoria projects and major road upgrades.

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    FAQs About Soil Remediation 

    Why is soil remediation important?

    Soil remediation helps mitigate and control the effects of soil pollution caused by man made chemicals. AAH also remove soil classified as category A, category B, category C and PFAS contaminants. 

    The major concern with soil pollution is it’s impact on humans and the environment around it. Although soil contaminated by non-friable asbestos usually presents a low public health risk, the main danger is if asbestos becomes airborne through damage caused by construction or severe weathering. 

    Disposal and handling of asbestos and other types of contaminated soil by licenced professionals is vital to ensure it is handled properly and safely throughout the project, minimising the risks of asbestos effects on humans and the environment.

    Who is affected by asbestos contaminated soil?

    Asbestos soil contamination can have great effects on the community if not dealt with correctly. Over the last decade we have vast experience working with a range of stakeholders including:

    • Commercial, industrial, defence, utility and government sites
    • Bushfire affected communities
    • Developers who are purchasing a property which may be impacted

    Need Help With Soil Remediation?

    Our soil remediation service is available in Victoria, Tasmania, and the borders of South Australia and New South Wales. If you’re not sure if you have asbestos on your land, call AAH Contracting on 03 9729 0066. Our soil remediation experts will assess your land and devise a professional soil remediation plan to keep your site safe from asbestos exposure.

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      I was very impressed with the short time frame this took. Yesterday, the guys worked efficiently. If you email me the invoice I will pay it straight away. Thank you.

      Trish DowningPoint Property Group

      Thanks very much to you and your team for helping remove the asbestos from the house. I feel safer to have the family in the house now. Many thanks and regards.

      Gerald WongResidential Client

      All is in order, thanks for a good job with the removal. I expect we will keep you guys in mind for any future work as we really appreciated your practical approach to the work and the professional preparation beforehand

      R. HansenFriable Asbestos Pipe Lagging Removal, Melbourne CBD

      Thanks for assisting with Caulfield Conservatory, very much appreciate how easy to work with and quick you guys were.

      Richard GrecoDucon Maintenance Pty Ltd

      AAH Contracting asbestos removal have been known to our organisation for many years. Icon have used AAH on various projects in the past and present throughout Victoria. All works undertaken by AAH have exceeded our expectations, as all projects have been completed on or before schedule without any compromise to safety. All AAH staff are considered by us as complete professionals in their industry.

      We would recommend this company to any of our valued clients and look forward to working with them on future projects.

      Ashley MurdochDirector, Icon Construction Pty Ltd

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