Soil Remediation

Cost effective and sustainable solutions for asbestos contaminated soil

Asbestos soil remediation

Finding out that your land has asbestos contamination presents a unique problem. Any work carried out on your site is likely to disturb the soil, exposing nearby workers and residents to harmful asbestos.

Soil remediation is a safe and viable process for removing soil contaminants including friable asbestos. AAH Contracting takes a unique approach to all soil remediation projects. We offer a range of solutions to effectively remove the risk of exposure to asbestos on your site.

• Our soil remediation service is:

• Performed with EPA licensed trucks

• Suitable for all types of contaminated soil

• An effective method of removing asbestos

• Carried out on commercial and residential land

Our solution

We pride ourselves on providing cost effective and sustainable solutions for all types of contaminated soils. Our asbestos soil remediation services include encapsulation, site scrapes, manual picking and sifting of asbestos contaminated soil using the latest screening technology.

As an approved asbestos contractor, we can provide Class A machine operators and supervisors to carry out your soil remediation project. Working with leading industry hygienists, we’ve carried out a large number of successful soil remediation projects over the last decade.

Our soil remediation service is available in Victoria, Tasmania, and the borders of South Australia and New South Wales. If you’re not sure if you have asbestos on your land, call AAH Contracting on (03) 9070 9942. Our soil remediation experts will assess your land and devise a professional soil remediation plan to keep your site safe from asbestos exposure.

Encapsulation and capping

This method prevents contaminants like asbestos from spreading any further. It’s a form of containment we carry out by mixing the contaminated soil with materials like lime, cement and concrete which prevents it from coming into contact with any clean soil.

Site scrapes

Our soil remediation experts use specialist excavation equipment to effectively scrape layers of contaminated soil off your land. This scraped soil is lifted and moved to a separate location on site for sifting and picking.

Asbestos sifting

We use the latest screening technology to sift through large quantities of asbestos contaminated soil. This process of soil remediation effectively filters and removes traces of asbestos from your land’s soil.

Manual picking

This soil remediation process involves handpicking visible traces of asbestos from your land’s soil. This can be done by removal experts scouring the ground on site or from a picking line where a speed belt and screener are used.

Soil reclassification

This is the last stage of soil remediation where your soil is assessed for quality. After a detailed cluster analysis, we confirm the soil on your land is safe enough thanks to the successful removal of contaminants like asbestos.

Why choose AAH contracting?

  • Code compliant EBA
  • Able to mobilise 24/7
  • Multi skilled labourers
  • Competitive industry rates
  • Class A licensed asbestos removalist
  • Available in VIC, TAS, borders of SA and NSW

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