Should you hire a commercial/industrial asbestos specialist?

If you are in the process of planning to renovate or demolish your commercial or industrial property it is important to consult with a trained professional prior to the commencement of any work.

This will ensure that everyone involved in the project is safe and aware of the dangers that asbestos poses. Properties or infrastructure built before 1990 will most likely contain asbestos in some form. For commercial properties, asbestos is likely to be found in the following areas:

    • Ceilings
    • Ceiling cavities / settled asbestos dust
    • Doors
    • Eaves and verandahs
    • Cladding
    • Flooring
    • Lifts and lift wells
    • Plant rooms and service tunnels
    • Roofing
    • Walls
    • Window areas
    • Grounds, Gardens and playgrounds
    • Pipe Insulation
    • Switchboards

Our Commercial & Industrial Asbestos Removal 

We treat each project as case by case as its rare any two projects are the same, due to site condition. Each project requires notification to WorkSafe and a site specific control plan and documentation. All disposal is done at EPA licensed Waste Transfer Stations.

Our Solution

Over the years our professional team at AAH Contracting have proven themselves, with ease, to combat even the most challenging and technical aspects of any removal task. Whether its removing friable asbestos on live boilers or pipe insulation on fully operational plants, we believe with the right attitude, careful planning and a key focus on safety we can achieve your removal task without hiccup to any party or trade involved. 

Our Services

At AAH Contracting, our team has the expertise and experience required in safely removing and disposing of all types of friable and bonded asbestos materials, regardless of type, location, size of project or friability of the asbestos containing material. Many of our employees have in excess of 25 years of experience in the field thus our team really can say “been there, done that”.

Every project we work on is unique with each presenting its own set of challenges and requirements. Often projects we work incorporate several different asbestos removal solutions such as asbestos floor removal, hazardous waste and material removal, soil remediation and site decontamination

Recently we have worked on commercial and industrial projects that have required several asbestos removal solutions including the Corkman Pub and Alfred Hospital.

What does a class A asbestos removal licence mean?

Class A licence holders are permitted to conduct both Class A and Class B asbestos removal. This includes the removal of non-friable asbestos, asbestos contaminated in dust from non-friable asbestos and friable asbestos.

What is the difference between friable and non-friable asbestos?

When dealing with asbestos there are two main types – friable and non-friable asbestos. Friable asbestos can be crumbled or reduced to a powder by definition.

The main danger with friable asbestos is that it can easily become airborne. When asbestos is located around roofs,  boilers, furnaces or pipes that overtime deteriorate, asbestos dust may be released which becomes a serious hazard. 

Non-friable asbestos however, is tightly bound together with another material – this means it is more difficult for the asbestos to become airborne unless it has been sanded, cut or similar.

Need help with asbestos removal?

We have worked on a range of commercial and industrial projects including hospitals, schools, shopping centres, manufacturing plants, chemical plants refineries, power stations and more. We are your trusted asbestos removers in Melbourne. Contact us today for more information.

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    I was very impressed with the short time frame this took. Yesterday, the guys worked efficiently. If you email me the invoice I will pay it straight away. Thank you.

    Trish DowningPoint Property Group

    We dropped past East Melbourne last night to check it out, and your guys have done a fantastic job! They left everything very clean and neat. Thank you for being so efficient and thorough – we really appreciate it

    F. BentleyResidential Client

    All is in order, thanks for a good job with the removal. I expect we will keep you guys in mind for any future work as we really appreciated your practical approach to the work and the professional preparation beforehand

    R. HansenFriable Asbestos Pipe Lagging Removal, Melbourne CBD

    Thanks for assisting with Caulfield Conservatory, very much appreciate how easy to work with and quick you guys were.

    Richard GrecoDucon Maintenance Pty Ltd

    Happy new year, I look forward to working with you guys again this year. Thanks again for your work and getting everything done so timely. I was very happy with works done and how neat everything was.

    M. HearnContaminated Soil Remediation

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