Project Overview

AAH was engaged by Grocon as a Class A Asbestos removalist/Demolition Subcontractor to assist in the clean up of the 2020 Victorian bushfires. These works were completed throughout Gippsland with AAH focussing primarily on the Buchan, Omeo and Corryong regions.

Scope of Works

The works involved removing the affected bushfire waste that was left after the fires, ensuring that the affected properties were ready to be rebuilt on. The works conducted include soil remediation, site decontamination, friable asbestos removal, emergency works and waste removal & transport along with some reinstatement works and some civil works to gain access to sites.


Critical Factors/Challenges

The terrain we were working meant careful consideration was required for every site on how to gain access before works commenced. This was done in conjunction with the principal contractor and the subcontractors including truck drivers and machine operators so that everyone was on the same page.

Plans had to be reassessed daily as weather conditions changed throughout the alpine areas. This saw us utilising specialised off-road machinery such as articulated dump trucks.



This project saw over 7,000 tonnes of bushfire waste removed by AAH, the equivalent of over 38 Boeing 747 planes. AAH completed clean ups on over 100 properties with over 50 local contractors and a large number of direct AAH employees, working almost 17,000 hours.

10 of AAH Class A supervisors were involved in the project as well as a dedicated Project Manager, Contracts Administrator and Administration Assistant.

Bushfire team


“We have a property up near Omeo and Sam was so nice to deal with and he and his team have done a fantastic job! It would have taken us months to clean it all up.”
– Kathryn & Stephen

“The clean-up crew carried out their work meticulously and in a caring manner, showing respect for us, and our emotions, in regards to what remained of our bespoke family home of over thirty years.”
– Dennis & Mary

“You can’t imagine how much of a relief this is to see my place so clean and accessible. There is now this constant weight off my shoulders, and a chance to start again.”

“AAH completed the huge clean up on our property in good time given weather & logistical aspects while respecting our wishes and remaining property, which was really important to us.” – Roddy & Jo

“This has been a very difficult time for our family and your team conducted themselves respectfully and professionally at all times. The detailed cleaning and removal of debris and the safety measures taken were incredible.”
– Hamish

The team were very considerate and respectful in their approach to the clean up and they went above and beyond my expectation in their work.”

This project saw over 7,000 tonnes of bushfire waste removed by AAH, the equivalent of over 38 Boeing 747 planes.

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